Fairtrade guarantees a better price, fairer terms of trade, better working conditions and a more sustainable livelihood for farmers.

Support Fairtrade and watch out for the logo when you want to buy items.

Cranfield University was awarded Fairtrade University status in September 2013. Click on the Fairtade logo to find out more on the university’s Fairtrade policy.

Here’s some of the Fairtrade products you can purchase at the CSA.
CSA shop – Cadbury’s Dairy milk chocolate, Kit-Kat, Divine Chocolate, Traidcraft’s Raisins & Apricots, Traidcraft’s Dried Pear & Peach, Cafe Direct tea bags, Cafe Direct medium roast coffee, Tate & Lyle’s sugar, Epona clothing’s zipped hoodies.
CSA Bar/cafe- Wicked’s white and brown sugar, Wicked coffee, Clipper’s tea, Cadbury’s hot chocolate, Clipper’s herbal tea, Co-op mulled wine.