Take up the Olympic Challenge!

Assemble your team for a fun afternoon of team races and challenges against the clock on Sunday 8th July, 13.00-19.00hrs. Cranfield Olympics is a one day event when you get to compete in some not-so-serious sports and fun activities.

The Olympics is about having fun and working as part of a team, so you don’t have to be incredibly fit or sporty as a little forethought and planning can make all the difference.

The competition starts on the main field with the wacky races when you will compete simultaneously with all teams to be the fastest across the course. These races will feature some traditional ball games and relays, as well as some less familiar activities, such as ‘Balloon ‘n’ Biscuit’ and ‘Egg Toss’. And yes, before you ask, egg toss is with a raw egg as some competitors discovered to their dismay last year!

Then on to the individual team challenges where team work, synchronisation, timing and ingenuity will triumph.  So far these include: Tug of war, Walk the plank, 8 legged sprint, welly wang, It’s just not cricket. However this list will change as we rack our brains to invent even more fiendish challenges!

Entry is free. Download the Entry Form to register a team of at least 10 people, including at least two female team members or pick one up at the CSA. Entry forms to be in to the CSA Office by 16.00hrs, Wednesday 4th July.