In the elections running from 30th April to 2nd May a total of 368 students voted across Cranfield and Shrivenham.

The votes have been counted and the results are:

CSA President (Cranfield & Shrivenham voting)
Osas EHIGIATOR: (1st stage 142) (2nd stage – 153) 3rd stage – 173 votes
Victor IGWEMEZIE: (1st stage 42 votes)
Temitope OGUNFUSIKA: (1st stage 58) (2nd stage 64 votes)
Naomi SANDFORD-DEQUINCEY: (1st stage 115) (2nd stage – 130) 3rd stage – 155 votes
R.O.N.: 11 votes
Osas Ehigiator is duly elected as CSA President 2019-2020.

Student Trustee (Cranfield & Shrivenham voting)
Francesco MASTROPIERRO: 248 votes
R.O.N.: 43 votes
Francesco Mastropierro is duly elected as Student Trustee

Vice President Cranfield
Ben MCILWAINE: 166 votes
Harirat YAKUBU: 122 votes
R.O.N.: 21 votes
Ben Mcilwaine is duly elected as Vice President Cranfield

SWEE Education Representative Cranfield
Carol NANDOZI: 242 votes
R.O.N.: 34 votes
Carol Nandozi is duly elected as SWEE Education Rep.

SOM Research Representative Cranfield
Udo UBACHUKWU: 206 votes
R.O.N.: 46 votes
Udo Ubachukwu is duly elected as SOM Research Representative

SOM Education Representative Cranfield
Krishnanjani VELIVELA: 218 votes
R.O.N.: 42 votes
Krishnanjani Velivela is duly elected as SOM Education Rep.

Vice-President Shrivenham
Sarah GOSLING: 19 votes
R.O.N.: 2 votes
Sarah Gosling is duly elected as Vice-President Shrivenham

Thank you to everyone who voted!