Student Choice Awards 2019

These annual awards are to celebrate the hard work of our teaching and support staff, recognising their significant contribution to your learning experience.
Nearly 250 individuals were nominated across the award categories this year. The committees then collated and selected the winners, basing their decisions on the nominations received and associated comments.
Congratulations to all those nominated at Cranfield and Shrivenham and to this year’s winners:

Cranfield campus

View the SCA Booklet to see all the nominees.

Best Lecturer – Leila Alinaghian
Best Lecturer – Jane Rickson
Best Lecturer – Rob Mayer
Best Research Supervisor – Constantinos Alexiou
Best Research Supervisor – James Whidborne
Best Research Supervisor – Ruben Sakrabani
Outstanding Contribution – Ip-Shing Fan
Outstanding Contribution – Annette Sandford
Outstanding Contribution – Tosin Somorin
Outstanding Contribution – Heather Woodfield
Outstanding Contribution – Toby Thompson
Outstanding Contribution – Katrina Armstrong
Outstanding Contribution – Luis Isern Arrom
Outstanding Contribution – David Parsons
Outstanding Contribution – Donna Boniface
Outstanding Contribution – Maria Biskupska
Outstanding Contribution – Ian Truckell
CSA Executive Appreciation Award – Facilities Firework Team

Cranfield Defence & Security

Sensational Research Supervisor – Alessio Balleri
Sensational Supervisor – Peter Zioupos
Sensational Supervisor – Stephanie Giles
Outstanding Teaching – Stephen Johnson
Fantastic Feedback -Stephen Johnson
Most Engaging Lecturer – Stephen Johnson
Unsung Hero – Mandy Smith