CSA Election Results April 2020

In the elections held on 20th-22nd April, the results were:

Overall 322 responses (296 Cranfield, 26 Shrivenham)

CSA President
Lucy Lu 231
RON 54
Lucy Lu is duly elected as CSA President

Vice President (Cranfield)
Zihao Li 43
Dominic Thomas 205
RON 22
Dominic Thomas is duly elected as Vice President at Cranfield

Vice President (Shrivenam)
Federica Persico 26
Federica Persico is duly elected as Vice President Shrivenham

Secretary & Welfare (Shrivenham)
Dan Powell 26
Dan Powell is duly elected as Secretary & Welfare Officer Shrivenham

These officers will join the existing officers of the CSA Execs at Cranfield and Shrivenham to help support and represent students of Cranfield University.