03/09/20 Fortnightly update

​Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well.

This is a new section from the CSA to improve communication during the pandemic. We’ll be updating here every fortnight with the progress of your issues and upcoming plans. Please comment below with other issues you might be experiencing and we’ll get back to you.
Regarding some previous issues from you guys, here are some of the progress
Study rooms:
1. Another 2 study areas in Mitchell Hall is now available, with 5 seats in each room. Sanitising facilitates will be equipped for students to use. Please wipe the table and seats after using and wear a mask when you’re in the study room.
2. More study spaces will be available in Lanchester Hall lounge at the end of this week. Please also follow the sanitising rule as above and wear a mask while you’re in there.
3. Some of the library buildings will start to reopen from 7th September. For more information, please check out the link below.
1. Accommodation department is providing students with a everyday update on the hotel availability and prices. They are also trying to negotiate with local landlords to see whether they can provide students with short-term accommodation.
2. Last week, the Finance team have released more deposits. If you have not yet received yours, please contact Chris Yearly. He will check it for you.
Future plans:
1. We’re working on improving CSA communication via Canvas.
2. We’re also trying to improve the efficiency of getting a GP’s appointment for Cranfield students.
If you have anymore questions you would like to discuss privately, please feel free to send me an email at csapresident@cranfield.ac.uk.
We are here to support you!