Hello and welcome from the CSA President, Lucy Lu

It is my pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to all new students (and their families) that have arrived, are on their way or even studying remotely to this great citadel of learning.

Cranfield University is very unique and stands out as the only wholly postgraduate specialist institution in the United Kingdom. It is renowned for teaching and research in Management, Engineering, Aerospace, Agri-Food, Forensics, Manufacturing and Environmental sciences. Above all, the course content, delivery and general research supervision ensures learners are industry compliant and employment ready.

I am convinced you will have a great time throughout your course. The Cranfield Students Association (CSA) is the Students’ Union body on campus dedicated to representing your rights, views and interests, supporting you with advice and relevant information as well as helping you to develop your potentials through sports, clubs and societies and volunteering opportunities.

In summary, we are here for you! Once registered as a student in Cranfield University, you automatically become a member of the association. There are a wide range of activities organised by the clubs and societies and a host of other entertaining, educative and informative programmes put up by the association to enhance your general student experience.

I therefore invite you to get involved. One of the key ways you could get involved is by representation.

The CSA has a working structure that ensures representation of students at various levels of the University administration. These range from Course representation system to academic and general need-specific positions. These positions include Education and Research representatives, Residential, Green, International and Event officers etc. Some of these officer positions form the executive committee of CSA.

The CSA Executive officers sit on various University committees such as the Student’s Wellbeing committee, Education and Research committees with the President being a member of the University Governing Council. There are unlimited opportunities for you to get involved and stand out from the crowd.

On this note I wish to thank the outgoing officers, course reps, clubs and society leaders for their selfless service, time and efforts invested in standing out for their colleagues, coordinating and representing their views and interest at various levels. It all contributed in enhancing the overall Cranfield students’ experience as well as shaping the CSA image.

As we face the new academic year I enjoin you to strive for a good balance between your studies and extra-curricular lives as both are necessary for effective living and maximum positive impact in our world.

For those at Cranfield campus, please do not hesitate to contact us at the CSA office, Building 114 for a drop-in session. You could also email csapresident@cranfield.ac.uk or message on Facebook: CSA Cranfield / Instagram: #cranfieldcsa

For those at Shrivenham campus, please get in touch with CSA Shrivenham, on Facebook or Twitter

I look forward to meeting you all.