CSA Election results – Cranfield campus

The votes have been counted and the results are in. Overall a total of 360 students voted in the election.

Green Officer
Niall Marsay: 262 votes
R.O.N.: 35 votes
Niall Marsay is duly elected as Green Officer

International Students Officer
Vatsal Mathur: 241 votes
R.O.N.: 61 votes
Vatsal Mathur is duly elected as International Officer

Residences/Services Officer
Rahul Warrier: 257 votes
R.O.N.: 37 votes
Rahul Warrier is duly elected as Residences & Services Officer

SATM Education Rep
Prahlad Rajhans: 143 votes
Pritish Tayal: 148 votes
R.O.N.: 29 votes
Pritish Tayal is duly elected as SATM Education Rep

SOM Education Rep
Ronit Kamboj: 240 votes
R.O.N.: 49 votes
Ronit Kamboj is duly elected as SOM Education Rep​

In addition, as no-one stood for either of these positions in the election, Manish Singh is co-opted as SOM Research Representative and Yulia Hryshchenko Sumina ​is co-opted as SATM Research Representative.