CSA Cranfield Fortnightly Update

🚲 New bike path:
Bedfordshire coucil is asking for opinions on the new bike path being planned at the north of campus. Please take 5 minutes of your time and support this proposal to make Cranfield a safer place for cyclists with better access between the university and the village: https://centralbedfordshire.researchfeedback.net/s.asp…
📚 Academic:
Academic English in-sessional programme is free for this AY 2020/21 and free to all taught and research students. Essentially it comprises one-to-one tutorials bookable daily in 30-min slots, and reserved by students at their discretion, and group classes, designed to be small and interactive, offering students extra writing, speaking and listening practice, specifically thesis writing, seminar discussion skills and presentation skills.
This link details our in-sessional programme
1. The Uno bus service will be returning to full service timetable ‪on the 8th of March‬.
2. Costa opens 8/3, fair trade coffee offer at Reggie’s
3. March’s topic of the month survey is now live and it’s focusing on campus services
🤩 Events:
1.Pebble hunt is still going, look out for pebbles while you’re walking
2.Download SEEK app and complete December challenge
🌱Green & safer campus:
This week our Green Officer Niall has worked with people and planet (the largest student campaign body in the UK) to pressure the university to declare that it will never invest in the stocks and shares of fossil fuel companies like BP and Esso. He also challenged the health and safety board on the dangerous driving seen on the main road and the lack of transparency around lab space allocation under current covid restrictions. And finally, he requested that they investigate training academic staff in mental health first aid to help improve student wellbeing.