CSA Election Results 2021

In total 644 students voted across Cranfield and Shrivenham.

The results are:

CSA President
Chebbi, Aditya (1st stage count 205 votes) (2nd stage count 218 votes) 3rd stage count 247 votes
Frumosu, Lydia – 1st stage count 81 votes
Vashisht, Harry (1st stage count 86 votes) 2nd stage count 104 votes
Wainwright, James (1st stage count 247 votes) (2nd stage count 289 votes) 3rd stage count 321 votes
RON 5 votes
James Wainwright is duly elected as CSA President 2021-2022

Student Trustee
Chawla, Gunarjun 167 votes
Kamboj, Ronit 307 votes
RON 56 votes
Ronit Kamboj is duly elected as Student Trustee

Vice President Cranfield
Bhatt, Rishabh 255 votes
Tayal, Pritish 275 votes
RON 35 votes
Pritish Tayal is duly elected as Vice President Cranfield

Events Officer
Cooper, Ellie 454 votes
RON 36 votes
Ellie Cooper is duly elected as Events Officer Cranfield

Vice President Shrivenham
Hardy, Iona 23 votes
RON 2 votes
Iona Hardy is duly elected as Vice President Shrivenham

Secretary & Welfare Officer
Powell, Dan 25 votes
RON 1 vote
Dan Powell is duly elected as Secretary & Welfare Officer Shrivenham