CSA Election Results

The votes have been counted and the results are in!

Student Trustee (2 positions – Cranfield & Shrivenham voting)​ ​
Saloni RAUT: 178 votes
Sparsh SAXENA: 228 votes
R.O.N.: 26 votes
Saloni Raut and Sparsh Saxena are duly elected as Student Trustees on the CSA Board of Trustees


Vice President Cranfield
​Deva Nandan AJIT RAM: 1st stage count:123 votes; 2nd /3rd stage:164 votes
Sreeshma KAMATH: 1st stage count: 112 votes
Shurick SHRIVASTAVA: 1st stage count: 162 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 208 votes
RON: 35 votes
Shurick Shrivastava is duly elected as Vice President Cranfield

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Nina BINAEI: 1st stage count: 176 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 223 votes
Ehizuelen IMAFIDON: 1st stage count: 111 votes
Anirudhan SUBRAMANI: 1st stage count: 129 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 158 votes
RON: 22 votes
Nina Binaei is duly elected as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Events Officer
Pradeep SELVARAJ: 326 votes
RON: 68 votes
Pradeep Selvaraj is duly elected as Events Officer

Green Officer
Ajinkya ADEKAR: 1st stage count: 156 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 189 votes
Gilbert KAKKARAYIL: 1st stage count: 158 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 190 votes
Aman VYAS: 1st stage count: 82 votes
RON: 26 votes
Gilbert Kakkarayil is duly elected as Green Officer

Wellbeing Officer
Sravya BURIDI: 330 votes
RON: 45 votes
Sravya Buridi is duly elected as Wellbeing Officer

SATM Research Representative
Yuliya HRYSHCHENKO SUMINA: 323 votes
RON: 33 votes
Yuliya Hryshchenko Sumina is duly elected as SATM Research Representative

SATM Education Representative
Shifa SHAIKH: 319 votes
RON: 38 votes
Shifa Shaikh is duly elected as SATM Education Representative

SOM Education Representative
Nitisha MISSER: 326 votes
RON: 42 votes
Nitisha Misser is duly elected as SOM Education Representative


Secretary & Welfare Officer
Richard WELSH: 10 votes
RON: 0 votes
Richard Welsh is duly elected as Secretary/Welfare Officer