CSA Election Results are in!

Election results are in! A total of 379 students voted in this election.

CSA President – Cranfield & Shrivenham voting

Naankang Garba: (Stage 1 votes = 129)    Stage 2 = 143 votes
Ashraf Issalih: (Stage 1 votes = 70)
Muhammet Sen: (Stage 1 votes = 145)    Stage 2 = 181 votes
RON: (Stage 1 = 25)
 Muhammet Sen is duly elected as CSA President 2024-2025.

SOM Research Students Representative – Cranfield campus votin​​g

Hasan Khan: 165 votes
RON: 48 votes
Hasan Khan is duly elected as SOM Research Students Representative

Student Choice Awards 2024 – who is Simply The Best?

SCA 2024 – a way to celebrate and recognise staff throughout Cranfield campus, from lecturers to professional services, support staff and beyond.

Tell us who has been exceptional in shaping your student journey, nominate today at SCA 2024

The categories for 2024 are:

Best Lecturer
Nominate your best lecturer who has stood out and inspired you.

Best Research Supervisor
Nominate an individual who inspires, guides and supports you on your research journey.

Excellence Awards

There are 100s of non-academic staff working at the university to help you succeed. These awards recognise an individual or team who has played a crucial role in providing exceptional services to students to enhance your student experience.

Nominations at SCA 2024 are open until end of March.

Good teachers and support staff play a vital role in student success at Cranfield University and beyond. Nominating someone for an award is a chance to recognise and thank the people who have had the greatest positive impact on your student experience. It’s your opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve.

Be seen, be safe – Free Hi-Vis Vests at CSA

The nights are drawing in and it’s getting darker earlier so it’s important that pedestrians, runners and cyclists can be seen by motorists. The CSA is running a campaign to provide students with a free hi-vis vest to ensure that you can be easily seen when walking/cycling around campus and the local area.

Cranfield – CSA Office, building 114. Office open Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00hrs.

Graduation Bears available now!