CSA Election Results

The votes have been counted and the results are in!

Student Trustee (2 positions – Cranfield & Shrivenham voting)​ ​
Saloni RAUT: 178 votes
Sparsh SAXENA: 228 votes
R.O.N.: 26 votes
Saloni Raut and Sparsh Saxena are duly elected as Student Trustees on the CSA Board of Trustees


Vice President Cranfield
​Deva Nandan AJIT RAM: 1st stage count:123 votes; 2nd /3rd stage:164 votes
Sreeshma KAMATH: 1st stage count: 112 votes
Shurick SHRIVASTAVA: 1st stage count: 162 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 208 votes
RON: 35 votes
Shurick Shrivastava is duly elected as Vice President Cranfield

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Nina BINAEI: 1st stage count: 176 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 223 votes
Ehizuelen IMAFIDON: 1st stage count: 111 votes
Anirudhan SUBRAMANI: 1st stage count: 129 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 158 votes
RON: 22 votes
Nina Binaei is duly elected as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Events Officer
Pradeep SELVARAJ: 326 votes
RON: 68 votes
Pradeep Selvaraj is duly elected as Events Officer

Green Officer
Ajinkya ADEKAR: 1st stage count: 156 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 189 votes
Gilbert KAKKARAYIL: 1st stage count: 158 votes; 2nd /3rd stage: 190 votes
Aman VYAS: 1st stage count: 82 votes
RON: 26 votes
Gilbert Kakkarayil is duly elected as Green Officer

Wellbeing Officer
Sravya BURIDI: 330 votes
RON: 45 votes
Sravya Buridi is duly elected as Wellbeing Officer

SATM Research Representative
Yuliya HRYSHCHENKO SUMINA: 323 votes
RON: 33 votes
Yuliya Hryshchenko Sumina is duly elected as SATM Research Representative

SATM Education Representative
Shifa SHAIKH: 319 votes
RON: 38 votes
Shifa Shaikh is duly elected as SATM Education Representative

SOM Education Representative
Nitisha MISSER: 326 votes
RON: 42 votes
Nitisha Misser is duly elected as SOM Education Representative


Secretary & Welfare Officer
Richard WELSH: 10 votes
RON: 0 votes
Richard Welsh is duly elected as Secretary/Welfare Officer


CSA Elections 2021

Election time is coming soon for positions on the CSA Executive Committees at Cranfield and Shrivenham. Elections are an exciting time of year – it’s when you are able to decide who will represent you in different student officer positions.
During the elections candidates will be asking for your vote to help them become your elected representative.

See the candidate names and manifestos at https://mycsa.org.uk/your-csa/csa-elections-who-will-get-your-votes/


CSA Cranfield Cafe and Bar – latest news!

Good news!

The CSA Cafe re-opens on Monday 17th May. Take a look at our exciting new menu! We look forward to welcoming you. Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00.

The CSA Bar will be open on Thursday and Friday with limited capacity so booking is essential. You will need to provide the name of each person sat at your table when booking and you will be required to bring your student ID and confirmation email with you when you arrive. Reservations will be kept for a maximum of 15 minutes – if you arrive after this time you will lose your booking.
Maximum of 6 people to a table and it is table service only. There will be two booking slots available each evening, 18:00 -20:30 and 20:30- 22:30 these slots will be staggered to allow for cleaning between customers. We will also have a one way system in place for entering and leaving the building.
No food is available at this time.
Book a table for the CSA Bar stating your day/time preference by emailing : CSABookings@cranfield.ac.uk

CSA Election Results 2021

In total 644 students voted across Cranfield and Shrivenham.

The results are:

CSA President
Chebbi, Aditya (1st stage count 205 votes) (2nd stage count 218 votes) 3rd stage count 247 votes
Frumosu, Lydia – 1st stage count 81 votes
Vashisht, Harry (1st stage count 86 votes) 2nd stage count 104 votes
Wainwright, James (1st stage count 247 votes) (2nd stage count 289 votes) 3rd stage count 321 votes
RON 5 votes
James Wainwright is duly elected as CSA President 2021-2022

Student Trustee
Chawla, Gunarjun 167 votes
Kamboj, Ronit 307 votes
RON 56 votes
Ronit Kamboj is duly elected as Student Trustee

Vice President Cranfield
Bhatt, Rishabh 255 votes
Tayal, Pritish 275 votes
RON 35 votes
Pritish Tayal is duly elected as Vice President Cranfield

Events Officer
Cooper, Ellie 454 votes
RON 36 votes
Ellie Cooper is duly elected as Events Officer Cranfield

Vice President Shrivenham
Hardy, Iona 23 votes
RON 2 votes
Iona Hardy is duly elected as Vice President Shrivenham

Secretary & Welfare Officer
Powell, Dan 25 votes
RON 1 vote
Dan Powell is duly elected as Secretary & Welfare Officer Shrivenham


CSA Cranfield Fortnightly Update

🚲 New bike path:
Bedfordshire coucil is asking for opinions on the new bike path being planned at the north of campus. Please take 5 minutes of your time and support this proposal to make Cranfield a safer place for cyclists with better access between the university and the village: https://centralbedfordshire.researchfeedback.net/s.asp…
📚 Academic:
Academic English in-sessional programme is free for this AY 2020/21 and free to all taught and research students. Essentially it comprises one-to-one tutorials bookable daily in 30-min slots, and reserved by students at their discretion, and group classes, designed to be small and interactive, offering students extra writing, speaking and listening practice, specifically thesis writing, seminar discussion skills and presentation skills.
This link details our in-sessional programme
1. The Uno bus service will be returning to full service timetable ‪on the 8th of March‬.
2. Costa opens 8/3, fair trade coffee offer at Reggie’s
3. March’s topic of the month survey is now live and it’s focusing on campus services
🤩 Events:
1.Pebble hunt is still going, look out for pebbles while you’re walking
2.Download SEEK app and complete December challenge
🌱Green & safer campus:
This week our Green Officer Niall has worked with people and planet (the largest student campaign body in the UK) to pressure the university to declare that it will never invest in the stocks and shares of fossil fuel companies like BP and Esso. He also challenged the health and safety board on the dangerous driving seen on the main road and the lack of transparency around lab space allocation under current covid restrictions. And finally, he requested that they investigate training academic staff in mental health first aid to help improve student wellbeing.

CSA Fortnightly Update

CSA Events:

Let’s dance – every Saturday 5pm
Live dance tutorial with Kashish, room space would be enough
See all the entries for the Valentine’s love poems at CSA Instagram: (@cranfieldcsa)

Society activities:

Newly born, Cranfield Autonomous Vehicle Society hosted 3 events-
1) 26th January with Dr Erik Dahlberg from SCANICA about Truck Platooning
2) 1st February with Dr Stefano Longo from Embotech AG about Automated driving -Industry Insights
3) 8th February with Dr Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid from Sensible 4 Finland, about Future of Mobility – Recent Progress and Trends
Stay tuned for more events.


The environment team will be installing new bins to recycle the vegware boxes from Reggie’s and are running a climate change quiz with the chance to win Reggie’s vouchers, deadline 20th Feb. https://cranfielduniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/…/SV…

Green Team:

Calling all eco-warriors, green fingers, climate collaborators and generally interested in fighting climate change students. I’m aware that the Green Team hasn’t been very successful this year and so I want to pause and take measure and find out what you would like to get out of the green team. If you care about climate change and want to meet up with other like-minded people, please fill out this short survey https://forms.gle/e5Zysz6uGnHnAz6M9 to help decide the future of the green team.


Extra hoovers and sink strainers have now been provided in residence halls


Information about Cranfield hardship funds uploaded on CANVAS, please check the criteria before applying. There is also a short, anonymous survey on work and finances, please take one minute to fill these out.
Key contact guidance for different departments on campus is now on CANVAS.

CSA Cranfield services available during lockdown

The CSA Cranfield building will remain open Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm for the following services.

The Office for all your usual services. Remember we have free hi-vis vests for walking or cycling on these dark nights.

If you are feeling nervous or would just like to chat to someone on a one to one basis, we promise Glenda or Sue are good listeners! Email csa@cranfield.ac.uk for an appointment so we ensure we can meet safely outside.

The CSA Shop for stationery, snacks, drinks, sandwiches, East Asian food range and Cranfield branded merchandise.

Cash machine + photobooth.

Microwaves – if you need to heat up your food whilst on campus, microwaves are available upstairs opposite the office.

We’re in this together. You are not alone.

Recreate a work of art challenge

Free deck of playing cards

Hi everyone
We realise this is a strange and unnerving time for all.
We are working hard to bring you a range of activities during lockdown to encourage you to take a break from your laptop and have a bit of fun. Keep in touch on CSA Cranfield facebook page​ to see the latest competitions and activities.
We have packs of playing cards to give away free, pop into the CSA building today to pick up a pack and try out all the different variations of patience. If anyone manages to get a clock patience to play out, I want to hear about it! I’ve tried for years and never managed it (without cheating!)
The CSA Office will remain open throughout the lockdown Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, so if you are feeling nervous and would like to chat, Glenda or Sue will be on hand to have a face to face individual meet outside over a coffee, so do come along. I promise we are good listeners!
We’re in this together. You are not alone.

University Challenge 2021 – the ultimate quiz

Do you have what it takes to represent Cranfield University in one of the most prestigious television quiz shows, University Challenge?

If you enjoy answering general knowledge questions on a wide range of subjects, then this is the quiz for you!

Taking part in BBC2’s University Challenge is a unique experience; it is extremely enjoyable, a bit nerve-wrecking, but most of all an achievement of which to be extremely proud.

The programme can be seen on BBC2 at 8:30pm on Monday evenings.

Cranfield Students’ Association is looking for four students plus one reserve to make up the Cranfield University team. Any Cranfield University student, Shrivenham or Cranfield, research or masters, full or part time, can apply for a place on the team.

To enter, contact Martin Davey at m.davey@cranfield.ac.uk

The closing date for entries is Friday 30th October 2020, with trials taking place the following week.