The Indian society is very active and is known for organising several events showcasing the multicultural incredible India.  “Indian night or Bollywood night” is the most scintillating and colourful CSA event, along with several events through the year.  We organise the colourful festival of India popularly known as “HOLI” in March and also celebrate the Independence Day and Republic Day every year.

Indian night is as usual a packed house in CSA. It is a colourful event with students wearing traditional Indian ethnic dresses “dhotis, saris”. It begins with delicious Indian food for all the guests, followed by many dance performances from Indian students. This event is organised from Indian Society for the whole University. So all students from around the world get a taste of Indian, music, dance and food. They also get to try some simple dance steps from ‘Bhangra’, traditional Indian dance from the state of Punjab.

If you want any information or you would like to join the society or want to help out, please contact Indian Society President Anurag Tewari,

We will look forward to meeting you soon