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If you are looking for a Martial Art that will give you the skills and ability to defend yourself, then you have come to the right place.

Jitsu is a martial art based on the traditional styles of Jiu-Jitsu that originated and developed in medieval Japan, which uses a system of throws, joint locks and strikes from armed and unarmed attackers..

We use the techniques of Jiu Jitsu to deal with modern day attacks and instead of directly fighting with an attacker in a “strength verses strength” situation, Jitsu aims to redirect the attack, allowing the defender to deal with the situation.

We use kicks; punches; throws; chokes; locks or just avoidance techniques to keep ourselves safe from anyone trying to harm us from armed and unarmed attackers.

Beginners always welcome…. Classes are open to everyone regardless of ability and beginners are always welcome. We will teach you how to defend yourself against unarmed and armed attackers no matter what height, age, or weight you are. The best way to find out more is to come along and join in.

Safety comes first….. All of our instructors are trained in safe and effective instructorship, Sportscoach UK registered and are fully insured.

What should I bring? You also do not need to be at the height of physical fitness before you join, just bring some loose clothing (tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, etc).

Friendly Club Environment…. Our aim is to provide a friendly club environment, where people can progress at their own pace. Jitsu training is also great fun and a fantastic way of meeting new friends.