The Nigerian society is a group that fosters cordiality and unity among all Nigerians whilst sharing the rich Nigerian culture with all in the Cranfield community.

The society provides the necessary support to ensure a pleasurable experience regardless of your active role when you come to Cranfield. We view things from a global perspective while staying true to our roots. Our primary focus is the development and wellbeing of all Nigerians across all facets of student life and helping them maintain a proper balance, so that we all can be the best versions of ourselves.

Educational support, career development and financial skillset seminars/workshops, hangouts, music, picnics, excursions, networking, exciting games, sports competitions, celebration of family and friends, and so forth are just some of the activities organised by the volunteer executives of the Nigerian community.

We are known for our vibrant, friendly, and energetic spirit expressed through our diverse culture. Come discover and experience Naija in Cranfield.