Do you like walking and exploring new places whilst making new friends? Do you want to get outside on the weekends rather than looking at your computer screen? Are you looking for a way to de-stress and even improve your fitness?

If so, then join the Walking Society!

The Walking Society tries to meet at least once, if not twice a month depending on the availability of the committee and most importantly the weather! Our walks vary in distances from around 10km up to 23km so far, but don’t panic if this seems like a lot for you. We take it nice and easy so everyone can enjoy the scenery and feel at ease!
We plan a range of walks either leaving from campus or areas which are accessible on the Uno buses as well as some further out ones for which we arrange transportation for. We also plan weekend trips, so you get to explore other parts of the U.K with your new friends.
Whilst we enjoy getting our steps in and seeing how many KMs we can walk, the social aspect of the society is just as important to us which is why we usually have a nice picnic on our walk or sometimes visit the pub to finish the day.

We look forward to getting to know you on one of our walks!