Food and Drink at Cranfield

CSA Cranfield owns and runs a shop, bar and cafe all conveniently located in building 114 at the heart of the campus so whether you want a quick snack, a filling meal or a drink with friends, you’ll always find something at the CSA.

We offer the best value for money on campus. And remember, each time you buy from the CSA, every penny we make from selling you food and drink goes straight back into providing entertainments, funding clubs and societies and representation activities.

CSA supports Fairtrade so watch out for the logo when you want to buy items.

Opening Hours

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Monday – Friday 08.30-21.00hrs
Saturday/Sunday 12.00-18.00hrs
Opens 12.00hrs
Closes 23.00hrs (except Friday 02.00; Sat/Sun 18.00)
Monday – Friday 08.30-18.00hrs
Saturday/Sunday 12.00-16.00hrs
Food and Drink at Shrivenham

Slim Atrium Café and Café’n’Chat  (situated between the Barrington Library and the chapel).
Both serve hot and cold food including packed sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bars, jacket potatoes and soup along with daily specials.  You can pay either by Mess bill or cash.

Churchill shop
Churchill shop is based near the Mess accommodation, closer to the Main gate. It sells a variety of packaged foods and bottled drinks.

Opening Hours

Slim Atrium Cafe & Cafe’n’Chat

Monday-Thursday: 07.30-16.00

Friday: 07.30-14.30

Churchill Shop

Monday-Thursday: 07.30-19.00

Friday: 07.30-14.00

Mess Bar – For mess members only

Monday-Friday: 12.00-14.00 & 18.00-23.00
Saturday: 12.00-14.00 & 19.00-23.59
Sunday: 12.00-14.30 & 19.00-23.00

Mess Dining Room – For Mess members only
Monday-Friday only (closed weekends)
B/fast: 07.30-08.30
Lunch: 12.30-13.30
Dinner: 18.00-19.00 (Friday 18.30)