It’s election time for positions on the CSA Executive Committees of Cranfield and Shrivenham.

The candidates standing for election as student officers are as follows. Click on a candidate’s name to see their manifesto.

Voting will take place on Thursday 24th October.
Voting times.
Cranfield campus – 10.00-11.30 at SOM Forum, B111;
12.00-17.00 at CSA Foyer, B114.
Shrivenham campus – 12.00-1400hrs, SLIM Building Atrium

Voting is open to students currently registered as full or part time students of Cranfield University. You will need to show your University ID card to be able to vote.


Events Officer
Lu, Xi

Green Officer
Wan, Zixin

International Officer
Alrufaihi, Duaa
Li, Zihao
Moh, Princewill

Residences & Services Officer
Lucero, Jesus

SATM Research Representative
Edun, Esther

SATM Education Representative
Khurana, Sayyam
Sharma, Sarang

SOM Education Representative
Liu, Xiaomeng

SWEE Education Representative
Babalola, Sherifdeen

NUS Conference Delegate
Dangut, Maren David
Li, Zihao

Student Trustee
Ajayi, Adedayo


Publicity Officer
Davies, Sammie

Secretary/Welfare Officer
Vetter, Marleen

Social Officer
Gutierrez, Encina

NUS Conference Delegate
Dangut, Maren David
Li, Zihao

Student Trustee
Ajayi, Adedayo

If you are unable to vote in person on 24th October, you can request a ballot paper by:

  • emailing from a cranfield email account between 09.00hrs Monday 21st October to 12.00hrs Wednesday 23rd October.
  • Include your full name and University student ID number (front of ID card).
  • Don’t forget, state the campus where you are registered.

A ballot paper will then be emailed out. Completed ballot papers must be received back from the same email account before 17.00hrs on Wednesday 23rd October to be included in the count.

As in all CSA elections, each position will have the option of voting for RON/Other (Re-Open Nominations). This allows you to have the option of not voting for the named candidates. The votes for Re-open Nominations are counted the same as any other candidates’ votes are counted. If Re-open Nominations get more votes than the candidates, a new election will be held.

This election is run by the Single Transferable Vote (STV) method.

The count will take place on Thursday 24th October at 18.00 at the CSA Cranfield and the results will be posted in the CSA and on the intranet.

Why should I vote?

  • It is simple and could make a big difference to students’ lives. Even if you can’t see a benefit for yourself, all the candidates have shown a great deal of enthusiasm, passion and determination. By taking a few minutes to vote, you could help them achieve their goal: making a difference to the lives of Cranfield University students.
  • And, most importantly, the more students who vote, the stronger the CSA’s voice will be in representing students.