Elections are an exciting time of year – it’s when you are able to decide who will represent you.
During the election candidates will be asking for your vote to help them become your elected representative.


As in all CSA elections, each position will have the option of voting for RON/Other (Re-Open Nominations). This allows you to have the option of not voting for the named candidates. The votes for Re-open Nominations are counted the same as any other candidates’ votes are counted.

This election is run by the Single Transferable Vote (STV) method.
The count will take place at 15.00 on 27 October and the results will be announced on the intranet and mycsa.org.uk website.

What to expect during election season:

•    Candidates will approach you to ask you to vote for them. This could happen on a bus, outside the library or in a shop.
•    They will give you information about why you might want to vote for them
•    It is up to you to give each candidate a fair chance by reading their manifestos and deciding who you would like to vote for.
What shouldn’t happen:
•    The candidate should never vote on your behalf – that is electoral fraud.
•    Candidates should never threaten or intimidate you to vote for them. If this happens you can send a complaint to your CSA.
Why should I vote?
 Voting is really easy but if you need reasons why you should, here are a few:
  • It is simple and could make a big difference to students’ lives. Even if you can’t see a benefit for yourself, all the candidates have shown a great deal of enthusiasm, passion and determination. By taking a few minutes to vote, you could help them achieve their goal: making a difference to the lives of Cranfield University students.
  • And, most importantly, the more students who vote, the stronger the CSA’s voice will be in representing students.