Green Team

Are you interested in sustainability and making the world (and campus) a better place to live, work and study?

Do you wish to make a difference, and gain hands-on practical experience?

Then the CSA Green Team is for you!

The CSA Green Team aims to provide a forum at Cranfield for all discussion and action on all things sustainability related including encouraging biodiversity, carbon reduction, renewable energy promotion, growing food, fair/sustainable sourcing, low-carbon travel, waste reduction and promotion of reuse and recycling.  The aims of the CSA Green Team align with the University level Environmental Objectives for reducing our environmental impact (see details of our targets here), as well as objectives which are set by the Green Officer or by the team themselves.

Activities of the Green Team include:

  • Tree planting and tree keeping
  • Communications such as social media and poster creation
  • Maintaining the ‘sustainability garden’ to grow food
  • Film nights and discussion sessions
  • Supporting and hosting ‘green’ related events and activities
  • Energy and water saving campaigns
  • Hosting clothes swap shops and charity donation points
  • Taking part in volunteering activities such as carrying out wildlife surveys and monitoring
  • Promoting sustainable transport and encouraging cycling
  • And more!

Many alumni ex-green team members report the experience from the Green Team has helped them in their future career and gain hands-on experience. All students are welcome regardless of background and subject discipline.

If you want more information about joining the CSA Green Team, please contact via email

green team students out on a walk
students preparing the community garden beds.
student measuring biodiversity