Course Reps

Course representatives are the voice of their fellow students. Course Reps are elected (or selected) during the first lectures of the year, so if you are interested, please do step forward.

The University and CSA provide support in this role, so you will not be working alone. The Director of Student Experience works closely with course reps and holds three exclusive University events, offering a chance to gain further insight into University initiatives, and a chance to discuss these directly with Senior Management. In addition to this, Course Reps receive a certificate in recognition of their role and most importantly, the satisfaction of improving the experience of Cranfield students.

Course representatives are responsible for listening & talking to students on their course, representing their opinions and views to the University staff and passing information back to their colleagues.

Course Reps will work closely with the CSA Executive Team to ensure the views of their fellow classmates are communicated at all levels across the university. If you are interested in enhancing the student experience, then do step forward!

Student Voice

You, as a Cranfield University student, have the opportunity to shape the Cranfield experience for yourself and future students. The university aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for you to ask questions, provide feedback and have your voice heard. You can feed back in several ways;

  • through your Course Rep
  • online or by email
  • the Student Forum and student experience webinars
  • focus groups
  • surveys
  • course & module feedback

It’s your voice, make it heard!