Events at Cranfield

Entertainments in Cranfield is about getting out, mixing and mingling, and having a good time.

The CSA bar provides the perfect venue for a whole host of different events designed to tempt you out for the night, and on into the early hours too. Friday nights are the main party nights, ensuring you can meet up with everyone and join in the fun. These nights feature the best in local bands, DJs, party nights and karaoke.

Since Cranfield is small, when you have an idea for an entertainment event, you can make it happen. Call in to see the President or Events Officer who will help you develop your notion and make it a reality. And, although we try to cater for a wide variety of tastes, you need to tell us what you want and like so Ents can deliver.

If you’d like to explore England, we’ll be organising regular coach trips to London and beyond. Let us know where you would like to visit and we’ll see if it’s possible!

We will be taking photographs of all the CSA main events throughout the year which you can view on the ‘CSA Cranfield’ page on facebook or you can even upload some of your own memorable CSA nights.

Events at Shrivenham

As students, we understand how easy it can be to become engrossed in work, and appreciate the importance of letting off steam and socialising with other students. We hold a variety of themed events (Halloween, Christmas, end of year BBQ and pool party) as well as trips further afield (theme parks, Christmas markets) and finally practical events to enhance your academic life (practice viva presentations, and PhD Forum). We also run the NUS endorsed Student Led Teaching Awards, in which your favourite lecturers, non-academic department and support staff (as voted by you), are recognised for all their hard work. We provide cake too of course.

This is by no means all the CSA do! We work closely with the Mess Committee who organise some unique military and civilian events such as the Trafalgar Dinner, The Purple Ball, Battle of Britain Dinner, Burns Night Supper – all of which you are invited to. We haven’t covered everything, but rest assured whether dancing, drinking, culture or travel is your thing we’re here to help make it happen. Provisional events include, a day at the races, dance skills master class, beer festival and a day trip to London as well as the classic Halloween and Christmas parties.

We’re always open to new ideas, so contact us at to get involved.