Cranfield Students’ Association is a charitable organisation and is governed by a Board of Trustees. It is responsible for the governance and financial and strategic management of the CSA.

The Trustee Board consists of three Officer Trustees and two Student Trustees elected bi-annually by secret cross campus ballot and three External Trustees, appointed by a simple majority vote of the CSA’s Appointments Committee. The Board is supported by the senior management team.

In particular the Board of Trustees has the following roles:

    • To make sure that everything we do benefits the students at Cranfield University. As the CSA is a registered charity with set aims and objectives, we are required to ensure that everything we do benefits the students. As well as monitoring what the CSA is doing now, the Trustee Board approves our strategic plan, ensuring that we will continue to benefit future generations of Cranfield students.
    • To ensure that the CSA continues to be financially solvent. If the CSA is to carry on benefiting students, it must have the money both in the short and long term to do this. For example, the Trustees have to approve all significant items of expenditure and the annual budget.
    • To ensure that the CSA doesn’t break any laws or regulations relating to the work that we carry out. There are many laws and regulations that we have to follow to provide services for students. The Board is legally responsible to ensure that we operate within the law.

Meet our current trustees

Officer Trustees

The CSA President and the Vice Presidents of Cranfield and Shrivenham campuses are automatically Officer Trustees of the CSA.

CSA President
– Ali Alderete Peralta

Vice-President, Cranfield
– Ermanno El Attrache

Vice-President, Shrivenham
– Amelie Grenier

Student Trustees

Student Trustees are elected for two years and can serve for up to two terms, that is, four years in total. However, there is nothing to stop a Student Trustee from serving for just one year if they so wish.
As full time students, they represent the needs, wishes and opinions of students to the Board, whilst also being able to take a wide and long term view independent of immediate operations. In some ways they bridge the gap between Officer and External Trustees.

Nithya Subramanian 

Vilius Portapas

External Trustees

External Trustees are selected through an application process for their knowledge and experience. They serve a term of office of up to three years and may serve a maximum of two terms, which may either be consecutive or non-consecutive.

The External Trustees provide valuable assistance in the process of setting and monitoring the strategy of the Association.

Joanna Dunster (2017-present)

Stewart Oates (2017-present)

1 vacant position

Supporting documents

CSA Annual General Meeting minutes March 2017 CSA AGM March 2017 Minutes

Cranfield Students’ Association Audited Accounts 2016 CSA Audited Accounts 2016

CSA Annual General Meeting minutes March 2016 CSA AGM March 2016 Minutes