Every student at Cranfield University is automatically a member of Cranfield Students’ Association (CSA). The task of governing the CSA’s many activities is undertaken by a small group of committees. All of these have elected student members. The CSA is a democratic body that involves students at every level of its decision making – and every year we hold elections when you vote to elect the Student Executive Committees at Cranfield and Shrivenham campuses to represent you and campaign on issues that affect you.

As a charity the CSA has a Board of Trustees to oversee the key decisions relating to the future of the Association and the Board sets the long term direction of the organisation and makes the big decisions on the financial and legal aspects of the CSAs activities. The Trustees are made up of 2 elected student trustees, 3 student officer trustees and 3 appointed external trustees and their role is to ensure that the association is working for the benefit of our members.

The CSA is governed by rules and procedures as set out in the Constitution and Bye-Laws. The constitution is the ‘rule book’ by which the Association operates. It sets out how the Association governs it’s business, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to students. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the Association to choose.

The bye-laws contain the detailed procedures and codes of practice to support the constitution.

There is a legal requirement for the Association to review its constitution every five years. Recent changes in Charity law provided an opportunity for Cranfield Students’ Association to review its governance arrangements more fully. The latest constitution was approved in 2011. Whilst the Association is independent of the University, the University maintains a keen interest in the Students’ Association and under the Education Act 1994 any changes to or rescission of the current constitution must be approved by the University Council before coming into effect.

Copies of the constitution and supporting bye-laws are available below. If you have any questions about the constitution, please contact the CSA President csapresident@cranfield.ac.uk

CSA Constitution

CSA Bye-laws