Do you have a passion for all things aviation and aerospace?

Would you like the opportunity to meet fellow aeronautical enthusiasts?

Cranfield Aeronautical Society brings together university students and staff members who share this interest and provides the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience outside the classroom.

The Cranfield Aeronautical Society (CAS) aims provide a platform to fulfil our mission:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists
  • Promoting links with industry
  • Establishing a community of like-minded individuals

CAS organise a wide range of activities, including:

  • Visits to aeronautical museums and air shows (both civil and military)
  • Industrial visits to aerospace companies
  • Internal and external guest lectures
  • Aeronautical-themed social events

We look forward to welcoming you to the society!

Most activities go well, but here’s a few funny things that happened during 2019 – 2020.

  • Shuttleworth museum, everything was planned and we were all happy to go there, but the UK weather was not with us that day. We arrived in front of the museums door and then they came and told us the museum was closed due to the storm. On their facebook page it was the same, so we were concerned. In the end, our guide still did the visit as planned, sometimes talking and fighting with the different sounds in the hangar created by the storm. At last a very pleasant trip to a famous UK flying heritage collection with typical English weather and a typical Sunday roast, so British !
  • Cosford museum, we were more than 60 students and we had two coaches. Come time to go back to the University, we are counting the students in the coach in order not to forget any student at the museum. Well, we count, and count, and count .. and the number does not match the one we had when leaving the university. It made sense when we added ourselves in the students number. It only took us 30 minutes to find out, trust us, we are engineers.