Arts & Crafts Society

Do you like arts and crafts?

Would you like to learn new techniques, skills and tips and tricks from around the world?

Crochet and knitting, sewing, papercrafts, painting and colouring, macrame, origami, scale models… and so much more.

For the following academic year 2023/2024 we are trying to launch a new Arts & Crafts Society at Cranfield campus to work on our favourite crafts but also learn new techniques, while bringing the community together and making the most of the diverse culture we are lucky to have on campus.

It is a new idea, so we want to hear from you what you would like to see in this society. Would you like to be involved, as a participant or as an organiser? Would you like to teach others your knowledge on your craft of choice?

Please contact us in our email, we would love to hear from you!