Saudi Society

Meeting Times
7:30pm every Friday (venue info is updated weekly through the mailing list)





The Saudi Society’s main aim is to provide information and organize activities to people who are interested in Saudi tradition and culture at Cranfield University. Please keep yourself updated by subscribing to our mailing list.

The objectives of the Society are:
• To participate in Cranfield Students Association social and cultural events.
• To strengthen the ties between members and encourage them and their families to get together on a regular-basis.
• To offer helps and advice for existing and new students and their families.
• To arrange Saudi cultural events for students and staff at Cranfield University.
• To share knowledge and information about the Saudi culture and history with students and staff at Cranfield University.
• To arrange courses and lectures that interest its members
• To arrange occasional sports activities for members of the society.
• To organize picnics and leisure visits for its participated members.