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Have you ever thought I want to play a game which is a mix of American Football, Netball and Rugby and where players run after a Frisbee (kind of like a 175g flying pie dish) and not a ball? If you have then Ultimate Frisbee is the sport for you!! If you haven’t but want to give it a try (and I strongly suggest you do) then come along and try it out.

Ultimate Frisbee is an outdoor/indoor sport, involving two teams of seven players (outdoor) or five players (indoor). The game’s aim to score points by passing disc to player on the same team into opposite end-zone (as in rugby), while the opponent team try to get possession of the disc. When a player catches the disc, he cannot move and has to pass it. Rules are simple which make it easy for newcomers. Ultimate Frisbee is primarily a sport emphasizing the ‘spirit of the game’, and demand enthusiasm, friendship and first of all fair play as it is a self-refereeing sport. This sport develops stamina, agility, speed and teamwork; but the only thing you really need for playing with the Apocalyptic Cows (it’s the team name), is to enjoy it. However, Ultimate Frisbee is not only a sport; it is also social activities of which there are many! Don’t regret not coming sooner, to quote the newest member of our team “I wish I had come from the beginning as I have made some great friends and love playing Ultimate