The Mediterranean Society

A common cultural identity that can be defined as Mediterranean has been formed over the centuries. It is a process that arose and proceeded thanks to the natural contact with the Mediterranean Sea. It represents a sort of alley, in which the neighbours know each other, help each other, and exchange flavours and goods, and all of them are aware of belonging and living together in an area that they must share, the Mediterranean. In Cranfield, the Mediterranean can represent a space to share stories, traditions, projects, and cultural identities, and create bridges and opportunities for dialogue.


The Mediterranean society is established for the non-profit pursuit of recreational objectives in full respect of the freedom and dignity of its members.

Our aim is to create a community of students willing to share their experiences and cultures. The initiatives we intend to execute are dedicated to the entire registered community. We invite members to actively participate in multicultural activities and events. The mentioned activities would be open to anyone interested.

Some examples are mentioned below.

· Organization of parties and social events to encourage aggregation between all members of the society

· Visits and trips based on members’ preferences

· Organization of group games and activities

· Cultural exchange discussions

· Cooking courses and competitions held by members who wish to share typical recipes of their national culinary tradition

· Coffee breaks

· Picnics, barbecues, cheese and wine tasting


The society is open to all students and staff in the university, new and old. If you would like to be part of our society, please sing up here: . No fee required.


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